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Can Am Ch Flinters
Spell Breaker  our
beautiful Miss "Vienna
Can Am Ch Salatino
RiegelCogar Voila
Carmencita our
beautiful "Cita"
Our beautiful "Nissa"  Can Am
Ch Brevette Bringing Up Baby,
another beautiful Flint daughter
from Jo Anne Ybaben Brevette.  
Co-owned with Debbie Tedrow
Meet Flinters Delyteful Ultra Chic
"Stella"  our beautiful Vienna
Hershey daughter...very excited
to get this girl in the and co-bred with
Debbie Tedrow
Meet "Razzle"  Brevette Two
Candies in One...our beautiful
new girl from Jo Anne Ybaben
Brevette Papillons.  Co-owned
with Jo Anne and Debbie
Tedrow...we are very excited
about this promising new tri girl!!!